'Jersey Shore' recap: Season 4, episode 3

Last night’s "Jersey Shore" went back to it’s roots with a healthy dose of fighting, hooking up and of course, GTL.(You didn’t think I was actually talking about history or ancestry did you?)Snooki and Ronnie, who are doing their fair share of bonding via sleeping, drinking and working out, decide to go enjoy a meal and then work out. During their pre-workout meal, Snooki indulges in wine, noting that "wine is like coffee" for her.While they are getting their "G" on, Deena and Sammi enjoy a quiet lunch together. Deena, who is on a mission to find her number one Italian boy, spots a "lean cuisine" waiter named Eliss and takes down his phone number because he also "speaks well English." (If only we could all speak well english like Ellis and Deena)That night the crew heads out to an Italian nightclub and we get to see "committed" Snooki have her fun, Deena meet up with her "lean cuisine" (and subsequently eat him) and we are introduced to the new hot summer phrase, "Twinning!" (Eat your heart out Charlie Sheen)It turns out that Situation’s gal pal Brittany is actually a twin, and Pauly D, who is absolutely giddy about the prospect of Sitch landing a threesome, declares that he is twinning.Back at the house, while Snooki is on the phone with her dad, Situation (wearing Abercrombie pants) creepily tries to hit on Snooki while asking her to get off the phone so he can phone his booty call Brittany.While this is going on, Vinny and Pauly D make fun of Deena while she tries to cuddle with her "lean cuisine." Deena, who doesn’t take kindly to the boys’ mockery, blows up and fights with Vinny. Ellis, who I am sure has never seen anything like this before in his life, becomes frightened and eventually escapes while Deena is sleeping.The next morning Brittany calls the house relentlessly, leading to Ronnie playing a prank by pretending to be the Situation and telling the twins to meet him at the house in an hour. Read More...



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