Supernatural Season 7 Promo: "Kiss Your Cass Goodbye"? Eeep!

Last season of Supernatural ended on one heck of a cliffhanger, which is pretty par for the course on Supernatural, but fans are dying to find out what happens with their beloved Castiel, who opened the door to Purgatory in the finale, took in the power of all those souls, and has crowned himself the new "God".

As if Castiel's future on the show isn't enough turmoil, we also have the problem of Sam and his broken wall to deal with.  After Cas tore down the wall in Sam's head in order to distract the Winchesters, Sam had to traverse his own subconscious and absorb the memories of both his time in Hell and his soulless self.  In season 7, Sam will have to adjust to his terrible memories of Hell, as well as what sounds like hallucinations and confusion about his mental state. Read More..


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