Recap: The results for 'Big Brother''s soapy challenge are in - and a new HOH is on deck

Ah, we’re still slogging along in the soapy HOH competition. It’s all fun until someone breaks a leg, Big Brother. Of course, the hamsters must sign really comprehensive rights wavers, so any unlucky accident victim would probably be patched up, slung into a humilitard or an elf costume and told to chicken dance for his or her housemates.

 Anyway, our hamsters are still slip sliding along with their little measuring cups. Shelly repeats over and over again that she’s doing it for her daughter Josie. Really, Shelly? You mean the HOH competition or the lying? Sorry, but I can’t imagine your kid is swelling with pride for the last few weeks. Don’t you miss friendly, maternal, playing-both-sides Shelly?  

Kalia is trying SO hard to win the HOH competition! Which, apparently, isn’t that hard, as she’s quite a distance behind Jeff, Rachel and Porsche. But it’s not Kalia’s fault! Daniele is an awful cheerleader, and it makes Kalia SO mad. Oh, that’s it! Read More...


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