Big Brother 13: Whose House?! Jeff's House!

Tonight's Big Brother picked right were the endurance competition left off this past Thursday. Like the last endurance challenge, it was a quick, clocking in at under two hours. The conditions got worse and a lot of people fell on their asses pretty hard (Adam, Rachel, and Jordan comes to mind), but there was a clear victor in the end and it was none other than "Big Jeff."

Now don't let the title of this review/discussion fool you. I'm still not a fan of Jeff and knew that the Vets would dominate this week if he won the HOH. With that said, at least this week will be interesting and we finally got a male to win HOH this season, so you can't ignore those two pluses no matter how tainted they are.

After Jeff sealed the deal with his HOH, Daniele congratulated him on his win, but secretly Jeff doesn't want Dani to get too comfortable with their "deal" they made the previous week. He promised in the Diary Room to backdoor Daniele if the opportunity presented itself. Yikes! Elsewhere, Shelly repeated her disgust over Rachel to Dani and Kalia before going to the bathroom area to kiss Jeff's ass to the point that it would annoy Rachel into saying something. The funny thing about this was how Shelly said Rachel was trying to  get her claws into Jeff after he won HOH. You would have thought Shelly was ready to snatch Rachel's eyes out over her husband by the way she said it. Wonder what Jordan would say if she had of heard it...


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