Recap: 'True Blood' - 'Let's Get Out of Here'

Let’s do our best to keep our players straight, here: A bitter ghost of a Spanish peasant has taken over Marnie’s body, so Marnie is Antonia now. A happy singing dead Creole lady is currently operating Lafayette. And Eric Northman is under the influence of a nicer, more clueless version of himself. Downside: The new Eric is kind of boring. The upside: He’s getting laid like the dickens. 

But will his romance with Sookie last? Or will some other personality move into his body like a college summer sublet? Let’s find out, shall we?

Back to the scrum at the cemetery! Sookie has been whisked off by a whipped Alcide. (In case you’re confused, Sookie’s body is currently unoccupied; she’s still Sookie inside, not a dead Creole lady or anything. She is, however, shot.) Bill joins in the effort to save the girl by offering his blood. Eventually she walks up just fine. Read More...


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