Naruto Season 4 Episode 85 Hate Among the Uchihas: The Last of the Clan! Episode Recap

The episode begins with Jiraiya ranting about his greatness whilst standing in a spotlight with the unconscious woman from the previous episode thrown over his shoulder. The scene returned to normal, with Sasuke having been knocked to the ground and a panicking Naruto being narrowly saved from Kisame's Samehada by one of Jiraiya's toad summons. It was revealed that the woman had had a genjutsu cast on her to keep Jiraiya occupied and to separate him from Naruto, whom Itachi and Kisame were actually after.

The beaten down Sasuke got back to his feet and told Jiraiya (who was already talking about getting rid of both the Akatsuki members) to stay out of the fight, declaring that he was going to fight Itachi, and no-one else. Itachi tried to refuse the challenge by expressing his lack of interest. Sasuke's response was to charge towards his brother, preparing a punch, but was kicked in the stomach, the force of which threw him to the wall on the other side of the hallway before he could even touch the elder Uchiha. Naruto attempted to intervene, refusing to stand there and watch his friend getting hurt, but was stopped in his tracks when the stubborn Sasuke yelled once again to stay out of it. Sasuke activated his Sharingan after dragging himself up from the floor, the images of Itachi standing over his parents' corpses flashing through his mind.

Once again, Sasuke used a direct approach and ran towards his brother with a fist ready. Itachi blocked the attack easily, with a single hand pushing Sasuke's aside. At this point, as a result of Sasuke's running stance and the height difference, Sasuke's head was fairly low. Itachi took this opportunity to knee the younger Uchiha hard in the face. Itachi then shoved Sasuke away with a single fluid motion of the same arm that had stopped Sasuke in the first place, throwing Sasuke in a spiral back into the wall. Sasuke was now so wounded that he was unable to make hand signs.

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