AusNTM 2011 Recap: Episode 1 - Boot Cramp

Of course, there's no shortage of young women thinking they've "got what it takes" to be Australia's Next Top Model. Incidentally, is there any phrase more overused in reality TV?

One in a Hundred?

Once we've ruthlessly chopped down nearly every teen girl in Australia -- with Charlotte Dawson (an ex-model herself, FYI) making snide remarks, and Alex Perry humiliating every short girl they come across (seriously, check out the auditions) -- bar 100, it's time to get down to the actual competition. You know, the one that doesn't take place in malls across Australia.

Sarah Murdoch tries to convince us that modelling is hard work, and definitely not just sitting around, occasionally walking 50 metres, eating carrot sticks and getting someone else to choose your clothes and do your hair and make-up.

And with that, she announces a "model boot camp" -- but don't worry, there's no hard work or exercise (no "fitness and stuff", as eloquently put by Simone), or anything at all that actually merits the use of the words "boot camp"; it's just various types of modelling. Read More...


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