Entourage Review: "Motherf*cker"

So that's what a flat screen TV looks like if you smash it. I've always wondered that...

Ari, Ari, Ari. You win some, you lose some I suppose. Though I would never cheer for the dissolution of one's marriage, it's a bit of a relief to finally have Mrs. Ari pull the trigger and file for divorce. After all, her incessant yelling every week was getting hard to bear. He could never please her, even though he nearly pulled off an introduction to Taylor Lautner for crying out loud. Teenagers would practically commit murder to shake his abs, I mean hands, so if Ari could've made that happen he would be a contender for coolest dad. Ever. Let's see Bobby Flay top that one. With what - a meatball bust of Robert Pattinson's head? Pshht, please.

Luckily for Ari, he didn't have to lick his wounds for too long before Dana forgave him. Plus, she probably stopped him from pulling a Tommy Lee on that hotel room, too. The fact that they have history makes her one of the only suitable women to step in post-marriage meltdown. Dana gets Ari's lifestyle, and she doesn't castrate him every time he does something wrong. So, even though he's technically down one nuclear family, he's still kind of winning in that regard. Yes, I realize that's a stretch. Read More...



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