Omamori Himari Season 1 Episode 04 Review: Noihara's White Cat

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Omamori Himari changes things up just a little bit for the fourth episode, though not before engaging in some of the usual tomfoolery. Having the show open with Yuto struggling to remove his hand from Himari's breast before she awakes is amusing enough, even as she reveals that they used to do much more. Shizuku has to up the stakes even more by appearing out from under the sheets and practically prodding him in the crotch when Rinko walks into the room, full of righteous fury and anger. Everyone has their reasons, but to Rinko they're all just getting up in her business.

This episode decides that the focus is going to be a bit more on the past and Himari suggests a return visit to Yuto's grandparents, a place he hasn't been in quite some time. Unfortunately for Himari, she mentions this in front of everyone else so it becomes a group trip with Yuto having Himari, Rinko and Shizuku tag along. And as you can imagine, there's someone else at the house that's going to be a part of the merry little band as Kaya is introduced. Kaya's the small spritely type, a zashiki-warashi in fact, who harbors a deep hatred for Yuto simply because his being alive keeps Himari away from her. The little rivalry shows easily, but you can see the frustration with Rinko as she just knows that there's yet another potential rival there.

The past is revisited nicely here, shades of Tenchi Muyo, as we see a younger Yuto meeting with Himari in cat form early on and getting along very well. The two of them did everything and it helps push a bit more the kind of bond that they have, though it's one that rests more on Himari's shoulders than Yuto's. Himari's a bit more provocative than usual this time around too, which is amusing though not unexpected, as she fans herself with her dress lifted high and straddles Yuto in a way that would make and young (or old) man's blood boil. There's a good relaxed atmosphere to the episode overall, barring Kaya's outbursts, until we get a group of Ayakashi who decide they want to take out Yuto once and for all. Obligatory action ensues, though it's worth noting that once again all new characters introduced are female. Nameless so far at least, but female nonetheless. And showing much cleavage and/or underwear. There's plot to be had here, but it's really very secondary to the fanservice.

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