DROP DEAD DIVA “You Bet Your Life” Review

DROP DEAD DIVA "You Bet Your Life" Season 3 Episode 9 - The firm takes on two seemingly unwinnable cases this week, in an episode that whilst solid isn’t one of Drop Dead Diva‘s best.

Jane is horrified when Stacey brings along their old college chapter president, Kirsten, to the office. Kirsten gambled away $50k and claims she wasn’t possibly in her right mind due to shady tactics employed by casinos. Jane isn’t convinced. But when she learns that Kirsten is taking medication for early onset Parkinson’s disease, Jane realises that there could actually be something to Kirsten’s claims.

Parker and Kim take on the case of Audrey, a botanist who is trying to keep her rare, tropical plant from falling into the hands of the museum where she used to be employed. The case is made even stranger by Audrey apparently being objectum sexual – she loves the plant romantically. Kim reluctantly plays the love card to the judge and Audrey is allowed to keep the plant, but it’s soon discovered that Audrey may not be all that she claims to be. Read More...



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