AGAINST THE WALL “The Fifth Body” Review

AGAINST THE WALL "The Fifth Body" Season 1, Episode 4 – With "The Fifth Body," Against theWall has finally found some of the balance that it lacked in the first few episodes. Yes, it’s a cop show, but more than that, it’s a family drama, and for the first time since the pilot, I really felt good about the mix of the two.

This week’s case revolved around a shady coroner’s office that allowed bodies to be misplaced in order to help out the defense teams of rich killers. It’s an interesting story, albeit somewhat icky, and not totally out of the realm of possibility. People do stupid things for money and they do even stupider things in pursuit of internet fame and glory, like make "comedy" films with corpses. Truthfully, I found the case to be a bit predictable. I knew I didn’t like the head morgue guy from his first line.

But while Abby and Lina might have gotten a break from investigating cops this week, Abby’s new job is still managing to wreck her social life. She’s kicked off the CPD flag football team that she’s played on for years because her former teammates don’t want an IA snoop watching them while they’re off duty. Of course, her brothers, who are also on the team, claim it’s in her best interest that she not playwith people who hate her now, but Abby is understandably ticked off. Read More...


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