CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM "The Bi-Sexual" Season 8 Episode 7 – Curb Your Enthusiasm continues its string of comedic guest stars appearing as themselves with the addition of Rosie O’Donnell, whom Larry meets at an art gallery after picking up an attractive, funny woman. He shares his glee with O’Donnell’s character, who responds with her own delight of having picked up a woman as well. It becomes apparent that they’ve both picked up the same girl. Challenging each other to a sort of dating duel, Larry is instantly nervous. O’Donnell, he reasons, has already got an upper hand, being a woman and therefore knowing what women like.

It’s a fun episode which never wades into the politics of sexual orientation or infidelity, thank the tv gods. Instead it’s a fun mini, atypical romantic comedy as the lesbian and the old guy vie for the same woman. Larry gets off to a pretty slow start after a Japanese restaurant fails to package his meal for two correctly. This in itself leads to a side plot which started off funny, then started to get a little overdone, but then smashed right back into then Hilarious zone when it all ties back in with Larry’s juice issue and gives the episode a fantastically satisfying and very funny conclusion. Read More...


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