ENTOURAGE “Motherf*cker” Review

I always say one of the best measuring sticks for the quality of a show is a gauge of its guest stars and its bit players. This is no exception for shows like Entourage, where—the maniacal Ari and the overreactive Johnny Drama aside—the primary cast is generally expected to be straight men for the insane people that move through their daily lives. Guest stars can basically make or break each episode.

And generally speaking, Entourage does pretty damn well. Casting usually finds the right people to fit whatever roles are required, be they quasi-celebrities, character actors, or walk-on sports figures (though thankfully we’ve seen less jocks this season). And what usually hits the home runs are the actors who play some tweaked-out versions of themselves. I can’t quite put a finger on it, but there’s something delightfully perverse about recognizing an actor or actress and then watching them behave in a way you’ve imagined they really behaved behind closed doors. Read More...



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