Blassreiter Vol. 1 Review

Hermann wanted to race motorcycles. Gerd, his mentor, cut him from the racing team - he knew Hermann wasn't cutthroat enough to take the kind of risks that could win races. Years later, Hermann is an officer of Xenogenesis Assault Team (XAT), a super-cop who rides a motorcycle equipped with missiles. In this horrible future, corpses are rising up as Demoniacs, evil robots that kill every human they can find until they're stopped, and it takes some serious firepower to take them down.

Even worse, the Demoniacs can become Amalgams, fusing with any machines they can touch - and they just love to amalgamate with cars and motorcycles, which leads to high-speed chases and drive-by killing sprees. The XAT still has no idea where these Demoniacs come from or why they do what they do. People are scared and desperate. They need a hero...

At first, it looks like Gerd might be that hero. After a Demoniac attack leaves him paralyzed from the waist down, Gerd has a miraculous recovery, not only learning to walk again but also to transform into a bio-mechanical killing machine with laser-powered motorcycle chains as weapons that can kill Demoniacs in one hit. The people rejoice! The champion motorcycle racer is back, and he has super-powers! The public cheer for their new hero! Welcome to Blassreiter.

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