BREAKING BAD “Cornered” Review

Breaking Bad "Cornered", Season 4 Episode 6 – After the awesome opening scene of "Bullet Points" several episodes ago, we got an interesting tweak of that scene to kick off Breaking Bad this week. It looks as if the cartel is getting a little smarter in how they steal from El Pollos Hermanos, and it’ll be interesting to see how Gus, Mike, and the rest of the Pollos squad deal with this.

Next we got the fallout from the final scene of last week’s episode. If you read my review last week, you’ll know that I had a major problem with Walt’s behavior at the Schroder’s dinner. We are now seeing the result of his devil-may-care attitude, as Skyler informed him that he said "Just enough" to make Hank believe that his Heisenberg is still out there. I still feel that Walt, as a character, is being written a bit too inconsistently. I feel like the Walt of last season, or even a couple episodes ago, would have asked Skyler to recount exactly what he said. He would have fretted and worried about how he may have incriminated himself or given too much away. But now, it’s almost as if there’s something to what Skyler is saying. It’s like a small part of him wants Hank to catch him. Read More...


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