TRUE BLOOD “Let’s Get Out of Here” Review

TRUE BLOOD "Let’s Get Out of Here" Season 4 Episode 9 – Now that was a great episode of True Blood. "Let’s Get Out of Here" was packed with lots of exciting things, so let’s get right down to business and talk about it.

Sam & Tommy

Sam goes camping with Luna and her daughter, while Tommy goes to the meeting with Marcus. Now,the only explanation I have for Tommy’s actions is that he wanted to get himself killed. Anyone have another explanation?


Speaking of Marcus, I was a bit worried when Alcide agreed to move up in ranks, but so happy to see that he is still his old self when he tried to stop Marcus hurting Tommy. I wonder how his action will impact his standing with the pack.

Also, even though Alcide keeps claiming he loves Debbie and all, am I the only one who has a hard time believing it? It really seems like he does care about Sookie a whole lot more than he should.

Lafayette/Mavis & Jesus

We finally have a conclusion to the mystery surrounding Terry and Arlene’s baby and that creepy doll! It was all the doing of a ghost, Mavis, who wanted to hold her baby one last time. Read More...


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