HAVEN “Audrey Parker’s Day Off” Review

HAVEN "Audrey Parker’s Day Off" Season 2, Episode 6 – I can only imagine how devastated Audrey must feel after having watched the three most important men in her life die right before her eyes. Thanks to a mysterious Trouble in Haven, Audrey is forced to repeat the same 5 hours of the same day over and over again. Each time she tries to intervene, someone else that she cares for, dies. I know I’ve had bad dreams that have left me feeling depressed long after I wake up, but for Audrey, even though the nightmare is over, this wasn’t a dream at all.

The episode starts off the morning after Chris and Audrey have spent the night together. As much as I was resisting Audrey being in a relationship with Chris right away, their morning together was irresistibly cute and I was really loving how happy they both were. It’s as if the town of Haven itself is conspiring to keep Audrey from achieving any sort of personal happiness because as the variations of the day play out, her relationship with Chris fizzles. She realizes that she can’t "take a day off" to have a relationship while the Troubles continue to affect the people of Haven and she puts a definite pause on her relationship with Chris. Read More...



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