CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “The Chet Episode” Review

CHILDRENS HOSPITAL "The Chet Episode" Season 3, Episode 12 – I had been looking forward to this episode of Childrens Hospital since Chet made me laugh so much last week with his creepy paramedic ways. I was expecting this week’s episode to be centered around Chet’s Chief-stalking habits, but instead I got an episode of Childrens Hospital that was totally brilliant and honestly, a little bit depressing.

This episode gave Chet a character depth that I wasn’t anticipating. He wasn’t just a weirdo stalker who harassed the Chief with his frightening pick up lines. He’s an insecure, slightly crazy, middle-aged man who is bullied by everyone on the Childrens Hospital staff despite being smarter than the lot of them. To get an idea of how low on the social totem pole this "sick person delivery boy" is atChildrens Hospital, even Sy gets to pick on him. Read More...


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