RIZZOLI & ISLES “Bloodlines” Review

RIZZOLI & ISLES "Bloodlines" Season 2 Episode 7 – Tonight’s episode had a whole lotta witches in it. And no, I’m not just talking about Frankie’s ex-girlfriend.

A modern day with is burned at the stake and the team is tasked with figuring out who did it. Along the way, Korsak picks up a black cat, this continuing his habit of getting pets from their crime scenes – though I was happy to see that this animal survived to the closing credits, unlike the last one. Once séance to contact the original victim, plus one more victim added to the mix, and they figure out that the culprit isn’t anything supernatural at all, but just a poor girl suffering from mental illness.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned ex-girlfriend blasts into town after apparently breaking Frankie’s heart (not to mention his wallet) a few years ago. Except now she’s got a little girl in tow and claims he’s her father. In the end I felt sorry for the kid after being dragged into town and told that a man is her father, only to find out that her mother lied to her. Even if Theresa was just mistaken, that still pretty much sucks for Lily. Read More...



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