ALPHAS “Catch and Release” Review

ALPHAS "Catch and Release" Season 1, Episode 7 – With all the story-lines in this week’s Alphas, I was impressed by how cohesive the episode was. When we weren’t being given information that would drive the plot, we were treated to cool action sequences or little breaks for humor and character development that all tied in together at the end.

Summer Glau guest starred as the Alpha-of-the-week, Skylar Adams, a woman with an ability to create virtually any technological tool she imagined. From the moment Skylar shouted "run idiots!" at the agents who had been trying to break into her workshop, I had a feeling she couldn’t be all bad. I mean, what kind of villain would tell her pursuers to escape?

As we learned more about her it was unclear if she would turn out to be another one of Red Flag’s operatives or if she was a lone Alpha whose abilities caused her to wind up in a dangerous situation. Having her character exposed in that way kept Skylar in a constant gray area where it was difficult for me to decide if I could trust her. Her scenes in the first half of the episode were tense and even as Nina became comfortable with her, I was skeptical and uncomfortable. When we finally found out about Skylar’s daughter, a second generation Alpha named Zoe, everything clicked and it was clear that Skylar had been acting like a mother desperate to protect her child. Read More...


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