THE BIG C “A Little Death” Review

THE BIG C "A Little Death" Season 2 Episode 9 – In my review last week I mentioned the bizarrepromo which promised what was to be featured in this episode. I figured it was so bizarre because, as is often the case with promos, without context the show can seem stranger than it actually is. In this case, yeah, not so much. The promo was pretty tame compared to the weirdness of the actual show.

First things first: the subplots involving Andrea and Nick sleeping together for the first time and Adam’s new from from the Kids of Cancer online chat group were completely overshadowed by the funeral, and seemed misplaced and forced into the story, what with the quirky, unromantic sex with Andrea and Nick, outside the funeral home. And the introduction of Adam’s much older, very annoying new friend.

The lightness with which the show dealt with the funeral of a miscarried baby was strange, and definitely commendable if not really successful. It might have been successful if these were awful people and were watching them to see just how amusingly awful they were, but this is not one of those kinds of dark comedies. These people aren’t awful: insane, sometimes, sure, but they’re not terrible human beings. And that proved to be the episode’s undoing. Read More...


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