THE CLOSER “Family Affair” Review

THE CLOSER "Family Affair" Season 7 Episode 7- When a narcotics detective’s daughter is found dead, having overdosed on heroin, she goes straight to Taylor, seeking the best of the best on her daughter’s case. Her daughter was estranged, and worked as an escort, much to her mother’s surprise. However, the pathologist determines that she was not a drug addict. And so Brenda and her team dig into this girl’s life and determine that not only was she adopted, but her biological father is a wealthy man and she stood to inherit millions from him.

The way this case unfolded was exciting and unexpected. It didn’t use the red herrings which have become a staple of crime dramas. Instead it just kept gathering the pieces of the puzzle. Indeed, this one episode established in less than one hour what AMC’s The Killing could not establish in thirteen: a person to sympathise. Read More...


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