THE PROTECTOR "Rats" Season 1 Episode 10 – This week on The Protector, it’s all about "Rats." Fortunately not the gross, disease-riddled variety, but the cute, white kind on which scientists love to experiment.

Every heroine has a flaw and it turns out that Gloria’s is musophobia, the fear of rodents. But when an entire university research team is poisoned and one of them doesn’t survive, our Protector must face that fear in order to solve a murder in a lab full of rats.

I’ve been trying to remember if in all the cop shows that have ever used the backdrop of an animal research institution (and that’s pretty much all of them), the killer ever actually turned out to be everyone’s first suspect, the animal rights activist who threatened the scientists. These guys have the worst reputation. Yes, they are responsible for most of those abused puppy commercials set to Sarah McLachlan’s "Angel," but when it comes to fictional murder, they’re always proven innocent by the second commercial break. Read More...


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