WAREHOUSE 13 “Past Imperfect” Review

WAREHOUSE 13 "Past Imperfect" Season 3 Episode 7 – This week on the SyFy hit WAREHOUSE 13, the writers took us on a little journey into Myka’s past. She and Pete were at a train station inColorado, where Myka was initially stationed as part of the Secret Service. While trying to pick up an artifact (a railroad spike? I was unclear), Myka spots the man that was responsible for shooting and killing her former partner, Sam.

The twist? Myka and Sam were involved, and Myka still blames herself for his death.

"Past Imperfect" used flashbacks to Myka and Sam’s past to show us how the story played out, and to lead us down the path of "OMG! Leo (the shooter) actually has possession of an artifact that can stop time!"

Meanwhile, on a farm in Wisconsin, Claudia and Jinks are on the hunt for another artifact. This time, it’s a doorknob that was part of sweatshop where a slew of women were killed in a fire. The door was locked, and when the fire broke out, all their pain and suffering was poured into the door knob, creating this artifact. Read More...



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