Fitz and Aaron Find Common Ground After Mugging on 'Friends With Benefits' (VIDEO)

Getting mugged at gunpoint doesn't have to be all bad. It can bring friends closer together, as it did for Fitz and Aaron on Friday's 'Friends With Benefits' (Fridays, 8PM and 8:30PM on NBC). The two haven't exactly gotten along, partly because of Aaron's money.
In fact, Fitz was talking to Aaron about that exact subject on the subway, perhaps the wrong venue for the discussion, when he attracted the wrong kind of attention. "I can't compete with you, Aaron," said Fritz. "Your limos and floor seats, your giant Rolex, your designer jeans, your cashmere sweater that's as soft as the day is long." He even tried to force Aaron to admit he had two grand in cash on him, when the man slowly creeping up behind them flashed his gun and obliged Aaron to answer the question.


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