Bear Catches an Eel With Ancient Maori Fishing Technique on 'Man vs. Wild' (VIDEO)

'Man vs Wild' (Fridays, 9PM on Discovery) is the type of show on which it's not surprising to hear a phrase like, "and that rotting carcass I found earlier will come in handy." Bear Grylls used the stink of a rotting rabbit carcass as bait to catch something that was actually edible.
Grylls used the rabbit and flax to fashion a sort of fishing pole to catch an eel. Why flax? "When the eel bites down on those," he said, pointing to a partially shredded bit of the flax, "because their teeth face backwards, they get their teeth stuck in these strands." He then rubbed the flax in the rabbit guts to lure the eel.


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