Sora no Woto Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Rainy Season Sky - Quartz Rainbow Mark

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With the principle characters outside of Filicia having had an episode with Kanata now, it's time to do a little extra bonding. Kanata's spent time exploring the fortress with Kureha, understood her position with Rio and seen a good bit of the town with Noel. But there's still some tension to be had among the girls as Kanata hasn't fully bonded with them all in a way that needs to be done. So what better way than to have Filicia send the three younger girls out on a 'mission' that involves them going up quite a big mountain. With ten ton packs on their backs.

After a surprisingly fun if brief sequence at the start where the troop all participate in a practice run with the non-moving tank doing an exercise, they're heartened to see that Claus has come to visit them. After a bit of mail is delivered that seems to have very different effects on everyone, Filicia opts to send everyone out to the countryside where they're supposed to check out a couple of distinct markers from the past. That they have to do it in full pack gear isn't exactly brutal but it's certainly more than some of these girls seem accustomed to. There's a really fun sequence before they start that deals with how to even get your pack on and everyone has a different way, though I think Rio's is the best to watch because she's straining herself to do it her way.

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