‘The Closer,’ Season 7, Episode 7, ‘Family Affair’: TV Recap

Commander Taylor prints out photos of a dead young woman in her underwear with a needle in her arm. Then he meets a Detective Ortega, who turns out to be the dead woman’s mother, a narcotics cop from Phoenix, and brings her into a room with Pope and Brenda.

Ortega says that while the coroner and the Hollywood police have concluded that the investigation was an accidental or deliberate overdose, she says that can’t be the case because her daughter, who was found dead in a Hollywood hotel room, wasn’t a heroine user. Sedona was a diabetic and knew drug use would exacerbate her illness.

She suggests they look into her daughter’s shady husband who she, at the age of 17, refused to stop seeing, so her father kicked her out of the house. She also says she spoke to her daughter briefly a couple of weeks ago but her husband grabbed the phone and hung it up. Read More...



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