Basketball Wives: Where Do We Stand Going into Season Four?

Going into the second part of the Basketball Wives reunion, I didn't quite know what to expect. Sure, there'd be some screaming, some cursing, and maybe some talk of hoodrat-ness, but after the typical topics were touched on, what would we learn about season four? Would there be anything to take away from this reunion (and season three as a whole) aside from a headache and a seething dislike of Suzie?

Things weren't explicitly spelled out for season four, likely to start later this year, but we did get a few possible leads to tide us over until the next go-around.

One (or two) ladies will sashay away:The big news that leaked this week, briefly mentioned at the end of the reunion, was the Meeka (and possibly Royce) will be off the show come season four. It's not a surprise, per se, as Meeka didn't make the grandest entrance in reality TV history and you can tell that Royce is over everybody, but it has the potential to be a bad thing if the show lets it fester. As annoying as all the clique-y drama may have gotten this season, it was at least interesting to watch the form of the show constantly change, as people made up, people broke up, and people had trouble choosing which side to be on. You got to see where each woman's loyalties were and it made for good TV. I'm just afraid now that it'll be The Inner Circle Funtime Love-In Hour, the show will fall apart. I'm sorry, but who wants to watch a show with Evelyn actin' a fool, Jennifer and Suzie being her back-up singers, and Tami just floatin' around doing nothing. Like them or not, Royce and Meeka added tension to the show and without that contrast, the show may get a little too self-serving. Read More...


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