'Bachelor Pad' recap: Coup D'Nah

Remember last week, rose lovers? When the Pad seemed like a magical place where anything is possible, and anyone -- even a guy who stubbornly insists on wearing red pants -- can find love? Yeah, that was a lie. The Pad is a McMansion built on the burial ground where all human decency went to die. Get used to it. Ready for week three?

Immediately after the rose ceremony, Blake is in damage control mode with Melissa, but she is having none of it. "Why don't you start with, 'I am so sorry I played you for a fool,'" she snaps. "Why don't you be a man?" Uh-oh, this is bad, thinks Blake. But at least I'm not Jake. It doesn't look like that much fun to be Holly either at this moment, seeing as Melissa is busy whisper-yelling at her for flirting with "her" "man." Pish-posh, says Holly. She flirts with everybody -- it's her "nature." Whether Melissa believes her or not, it only strengthens her desire to send Blake packing. Read More...



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