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I truly hope all of you are singing "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" in your head while reading this blog. Why on earth it’s taken us ten years to get Bret Michaels to come on our show and sing that song is beyond me. The good news is it finally happened, and all seems right with the universe. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if all the sudden the stock market went up and there was peace in the Middle East now.

This week’s episode was incredibly interesting on many levels.  First of all, let’s talk about poor Blake. Man, did this guy really step in it when he decided to play Melissa. In Melissa’s defense what Blake pulled was shady and I’m sure its tough to get played like she did and then have it thrown in your face like that. The challenge this week was hysterical and slightly uncomfortable to watch. The great thing about the synchronized swimming competition is so much was riding on the line, the contestants had no choice but to go for it. Here are my thoughts on the competition: The guys’ swimsuits were just a tad bit too small and a little see-through for my taste. The girls, on the other hand, absolutely loved it and were totally sizing the guys up out loud while they were standing there. Erica was a complete train wreck and didn’t know up from down. I was thoroughly impressed with how good the guys were and more than a bit disturbed at how bad the women were. I find it funny that Vienna always feels cheated and is the victim when she tries and doesn’t get what she wants or things don’t go her way. I sense a theme here! The truth is, Michelle tried just as hard and did just as well — if not better — in the competition and caught the judges’ eye. Michael definitely had a leg up on the guys’ side with his dance training. But it was his personality that really stole the show and earned him the rose. By the way, Michael, that hug you gave me while wearing that banana hammock was not okay and I really haven’t slept well since. Read More...


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