Warehouse 13 Review: "Past Imperfect"

In a lot of ways, Season 3 of Warehouse 13 has been about Myka, her journey back to being an agent and in her redemption. "Past Imperfect" was more about the latter.

Myka has a lot of weight on her shoulders. One of the main reasons she decided to take the job as a Warehouse agent was because of Sam’s death. Because of Sam, Myka erected walls and closed off her emotions. She became cautious and analytical.

For Myka, closure regarding Sam allows her to truly begin healing and moving forward in her personal and professional lives.

Although I honestly don’t care when (if ever) Pete and Myka get together. I’m 99% sure we’ll get something before this season is over. There have been too many hints and callbacks. Both Pete and Myka have gotten closure on their past loves, they’ve helped each other emotionally and there’s been plenty of try-too-hard friendship moments. Read More...



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