BACHELOR PAD Season 2 Episode 3 Review

BACHELOR PAD Season 2 Episode 3:

Who says reality shows can’t be like a good weekly serial drama and end in a cliffhanger? Not that I would ever give actual props to a lowest common denominator show like Bachelor Pad, but that’s pretty ballsy. Chris Harrison with his "The next name I speak is the contestant going home…" and then saying "—Jake—" in an obvious cut scene…

Cut to black. Roll credits. Lowest common denominator fanbase screams.

Well now I’m almost sure it’s Kasey. And how awesome would that be? Because I need to watch the psychotic "power couple" one more week like I need a hot poker in the eye. Every time I watch either of them speaking on camera I feel my I.Q. drain another dozen points. (And I didn’t start with that many to begin with!) Though even I admit it’s pretty hilarious, watching that ‘neck pull out a ring box and having Vienna gasp reflexively, "I don’t want it to be an engagement ring!" Read More...


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