Pretty Little Liars: The Doctor Is Out Indeed...

pretty little liars

Well things just got a bit interesting on Pretty Little Liars... Finally.

Now, I hope I'm not jumping the gun in expecting the rest of this season to rock my world like last year's stellar season accomplished, but was it just me or did anyone else go "Hell yea!" when the Liars decided to talk to the psychiatrist about 'A?'  It was about time, because the whole playing rug while 'A' rode their ass throughout Rosewood was getting a bit hackneyed. Nonetheless, 'A' seems to have done away with dear old Ms. Sullivan, which means the Liars are pretty much back at square one if the worst is to be suspected.

I knew that the casting of Annabeth Gish had to have some sort of weight behind it, because I refused to believe that her character was going to be a one trick pony and be done with after a few episodes. Especially after 'A' ransacked her office, leaving the message "Nosey bitches die!" I was dying for Gish's Dr. Sullivan to return then. Read More...


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