NECESSARY ROUGHNESS "Forget Me Not" Season 1 Episode 9 – I never imagined I would get into a show that revolves around sports, but halfway through "Forget Me Not," this week’s Necessary Roughness, I realized that I was actually immersed in the plot and interested in the characters. And for a girl who spent four years at Florida State University and never went to a single football game, that is definitely saying something.

This week, Dani’s new client was Talas, a female boxer with selective amnesia. I always thought head injuries and memory loss were just an occupational hazard of boxing, but Dani quickly figured out that Talas was repressing a memory that involved a bearded man and a birthday party. I think it says something about my own, Law and Order: SVU-fed cynicism that my first thought was molestation via pedophile. I’m glad I was wrong and the man turned out to be Talas’s biological father who only physically abused her. Dramatic, but less sensational. Read More...


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