MELISSA & JOEY “Going the Distance” and “All Politics is Local” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Going the Distance" and "All Politics is Local" Episodes 23 & 24 - This week served us with another double header of MELISSA & JOEY. First up, after a month of dating and getting along superbly, Mel is forced to give up George a/k/a Junior when he gets the business chance of a lifetime in Milan. Color me sad. It was too soon for George to leave me! The second episode brought back Senator Burke who pretended to be on a happy social visit, but was really siding with Mel’s opposition on the council regarding a park versus parking lot scenario. Which episode did you like best?

I thought both episodes were good. I got my George fix, but more importantly Mel came to the realization of what her true priorities are and allowed her feelings for George to be set aside for his greater good. Now pass me the ice cream! I even enjoyed Ryder’s plot with meeting Holly’s parents even if I cannot stand Holly. Her parents seemed like Holly Hostages ready to welcome Ryder into their club. Unfortunately, I am not sure it is a club you ever get to leave even if Holly does figure out that her mother is bribing you with fried chicken. Read More...


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