RESCUE ME “Jeter” Review

RESCUE ME "Jeter" Season 7 Episode 7 – Another episode, another week closer to the series finale ofRescue Me, and it’s been a relatively rough final season, with moments of true brilliance like last week’s episode, which, for emotional punch, I’m put against the best of a lot of quality shows out there. This week the show teetered yet again as Lou reads the letter Tommy gave him, for real this time, and is emotionally inspired to spread the love, literally, by giving Tommy’s death letter to his family, who are, as usual, pissed at him.

Why are they pissed at him? Oh, a myriad of reasons too stupid and contrived to really get into. This week they seem to be steamed about the fact that he read Sheila’s death letter from Jimmy, and this leads them to believe that he’s a volatile drunk in waiting, ready to go out and get polluted at any given moment, which leads Colleen to ban him from her wedding, or at least walking her down the isle. Read More...


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