'The Hour' - 'Episode 2': Hanging with Mr. Elms

A quick review of the second episode of "The Hour"coming up just as soon as I click my heel harder on the third step... 

"It's what you do for someone you believe in." -Bel
"And you believe in him?" -Freddie

While I found the setting and characters of "The Hour" intriguing in the first episode, I also found it a bit of a slog, as Abi Morgan and company had to establish so much about this world and its people. Having established what The Hour(*) is and who's working on it, episode 2 is much lighter on its feet, having to only pause long enough to explain a bit about the Suez Canal crisis.(**) 

(*) As I did when I reviewed "Sports Night" on the old blog, I'm going to refer to the scripted TV drama in quotes and the show-within-the-show in italics to keep myself and you sane. 

(**) And because it's been so long since I read about it in history class, I'd forgotten that Egypt's prime minister at the time was named Nasser, and therefore was confused for quite some time about why characters in 1956 were discussing NASA when the space agency wouldn't exist until 1958. (The American spacesuit in the opening scene contributed to this confusion.)  Read More...



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