'Big Brother' recap: Zingbot at the Wedding

If you still don't believe that Big Brother is a television show specifically designed by renegade psychologists from the future to drive us all insane, then I happily refer you to the Zingbot 3000, certainly the best and most hallucinogenic character to ever torment contestants on a reality series. Just like last season, the Zingbot arrived last night at the specific moment when the BB housemates were A) so annoyed with each other that they positively jumped at the chance to talk toanything, even a robot that loathes humanity and B) so deep into the throes of Space Madness that they thought the Zingbot was laughing with them.

The laugh-matic robot-man proceeded to deconstruct them mercilessly. "Jeff: 1995 called, and they want their soulpatch back!ZZZZZING!" it zinged at the reigning HoH. ("Oh yeah, robot?" retorted Jeff, "Well, you're stupid! And also, Chicago!") "Porsche: Maybe you should be named after a car...with a roomier trunk! ZIIIIINNG!" zinged the Zingbot. (Porsche -- who is actually considerably less self-aware and more robotic than the Zingbot -- giggled, and then said something like, "Ha ha, that make Porsche sad, my eyes feel like wiper fluid, beep beep vroooom!") Read More...



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