'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Must Confess'

My own must confess: During the nearly two seasons we've followed the misadventures of Rosewood's four "Pretty Little Liars," I have never felt so much dread or anxiety during an episode; it was clear from the opening moments, that A wouldn't be pulling any punches.

The episode began with a sleepless Emily receiving a 3 a.m. text, which sent her fleeing Hanna's house, sans cell phone. What followed was a scene straight out of AMC's "The Killing": Emily running alone through an abandoned wood, seemingly trying to evade some assailant. When the remaining liars convened later that morning to investigate Em's disappearance, they found the text in question: a photo of Aria making out with Ezra and instructions for Emily to spill the secret to Ella if she ever wanted to be off the hook. The text, coupled with Emily's swift departure, led the girls to make probably the most logical decision they've made in the history of this delicious series—they headed for their therapist's office. Read More....



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