Warehouse 13: "Past Imperfect" Review

After last week's exciting ending, I expected to see the overarching plot finally move forward. That didn't happen here, but as the song goes: You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need. And although this story isn't what I wanted, it's certainly what this series needed – an exciting, dramatic story with plenty of twists and turns. 

The story didn't waste any time setting the tone, and in the opening minutes we knew we were going to have a deep murder mystery plot focused on Myka's past. This story gave us a chance to see more of Myka's exceptional attention to detail, along with some other aspects Myka's personality. Joanne Kelly takes a prominent position in this one and does a great job portraying pretty much every every emotional state the character has, all in one episode. It starts with funny, irreverent Myka then quickly shifts to serious, "impulsive" Myka, and ends with sad emotional Myka. Kelly hasn't really had many opportunities to spread her acting wings this season, but she really took advantage of this chance and knocked it out of the park.  Read More...



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