Curb Your Enthusiasm: "The Bi-Sexual" Review

It was another strong episode of Curb this week, which introduced what I think is a new instant-classic Curb term – the s**t bow. 

I did think the actual main storyline of the episodes – Larry andRosie O'Donnell competing over the same woman – could have used a stronger payoff. O'Donnell kind of just disappeared from the episode and should have been involved in the resolution. But so much of what was occurring throughout was great. 

Leon's in New York! It was great to see Leon again, as he once more dispensed advice to Larry as only he can. His offhand mention that he had "eight motherf**kers up in this car" to a distressed Larry was awesome, but the funniest moment between the two was the whole back and forth Leon and Larry had about bats, balls and catcher's mitts (in reference to genetalia), which had Larry deadpan, "A woman is on earth to catch balls. An interesting theory. Too bad I don't have a daughter. I'd like to impart that knowledge to her."  Read More...


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