Breaking Bad: "Cornered" Review

In "Cornered," several themes reappear, but with a twist. We're treated to the same cold opening (har har) and a different result. The show opens with two of Gus' red shirts in the cargo hold of an 18-wheeler. The cartel's hand kills the driver and instead of shooting up the truck like they did when Mike was in the back, they connect the exhaust pipe to the cargo hold and choke them out while eating the driver's lunch—a sandwich. Clever. 

Skyler rethought getting away from Walt again, but chose once again to stay (and faster than she did last time). Jesse ran into a couple of meth addicts and handled it with reckless abandon this time—a little older and a little wiser, but not wise enough. We're all a little smarter, we're all doing the same things. "Cornered" was self-reflexive, and jarring, and beautiful. Breaking Bad is hitting on all cylinders now.  Read More...


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