ThunderCats: "Old Friends" Review

There are some challenges involved in reviewing a kid's show, as much as I don't like using that label since ThunderCats is mostly designed to appeal to all ages. But sometimes themes and stories can be a little too obvious because of their need to relate to younger minds. Last week's "Song of the Petalars" had some holes in it, but it wound up redeeming itself with a powerfully executed reveal about death and friendship. This week's "Old Friends" – which was Panthro's first official full episode – got bogged down due to the use of exposition-y flashbacks that let the characters off a bit too easy. 

I'm not against flashbacks at all, it's just that I wished that a few of them had painted Grune out to be somewhat likeable. Grune was a power-hungry egomaniac from the get-go and it actually speaks very poorly of Panthro that he would A: be Grune's friend and B: not realize that Grune would one day betray him. But that's just because each flashback had to be so "on the nose" and have Grune say transparent things like "what can't be earned can always be taken" and other seditious phrases that would clearly mark someone with a discontented heart. Dammit, if only Panthro paid attention to subtext. But other than that I like the fact that Grune has been established as Panthro's foil. I eventually do want to know how Panthro came by the ThunderTank and what other kinds of Cat-related tech might be lying around out there.  Read More...


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