Our Idiot Brother - Review

How beaming doofus Ned (Paul Rudd), the idiot in question in Our Idiot Brother, grew up to be such a mellow male in such a nutty family of females is a mystery of nature versus nurture, wrapped in a Rudd-y grin. Ned is a sunny, Jesus-haired, go-with-the-flow kind of dude who sticks to his word, tells it like he sees it, and finds the good in everyone. Ned's three sisters, on the other hand, are tightly wound malcontents, each character fleshed out by a choice comedienne: Single lady Miranda (Elizabeth Banks, styled as a hard-edged brunette) is a ruthlessly ambitious magazine journalist. Liz (Emily Mortimer, luxuriating in hausfrowsiness) approaches married domesticity and motherhood with grim aspirational zeal reinforced by her pretentious snob of a husband (Steve Coogan, offering up some of his always-welcome echt Coogan smarm). And lesbian Natalie (indie-world sprite Zooey Deschanel) is a would-be stand-up comedian who feels compelled to cheat on her swell girlfriend (swell Rashida Jones), a lovely bruiser in Bermuda shorts. Mom (Shirley Knight), meanwhile, gets by befogged by copious glasses of white wine. Read More...



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