Fright Night - Review

Fright Night is a 3-D remake of a vampire movie, and so in theory should be a state-of-the-union address of everything that is currently wrong with Hollywood, but instead it ends up getting a surprising number of things right.

The film largely works not because the plot hews closely to that of the 1985 original — excepting a few smart updates that help brush off the graveyard dirt — but because it also resurrects its spirit: offering up equal parts scares and fun, without letting them fuse into camp. Anton Yelchin is Charley, a high school student living with his single mother (an underused Toni Collette) in the copy-and-paste tract housing of a Las Vegas exurb. When his former best friend (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) alerts him to the fact that his new next-door neighbor — the innocuously named Jerry — may be a vampire, his dullish life quickly turns into a battle for survival. Read More...,,20484295,00.html


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