'Big Brother 13': Double eviction has so much action and drama!


It's double eviction night in the "Big Brother 13" house! Exciting. A whole week's worth of "Big Brother" in 60 minutes. Love it.So following the Power of Veto ceremony, Jeff is pretty confident Daniele is going home. But Daniele starts working on Shelly and Adam. Daniele says if Shelly keeps her, she will never nominate Shelly ever. Wow.Shelly goes to Adam and works on him by saying that neither of them can beat Jeff and Jordan unless they can split them up. She thinks the two of them should work a deal with Dani instead. But Adam isn't sure and he's still pretty starstruck by Jeff and Jordan. Definitely a mancrush happening there.Suddenly, a new ess-shaped game with a ball on it shows up in the backyard, so everybody starts practicing on that. Meanwhile, Shelly thinks she can't get Adam's vote, so she starts working Rachel to keep Dani.Shelly's awesome ploy is telling Rachel how...



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