‘Jersey Shore,’ Season 4, Episode 4, ‘Crime and Punishment’: TV Recap

This week’s episode is called "Crime and Punishment." The crimes from last week’s episode receive a certain amount of punishment, and Mike’s crime of running his mouth receives the punishment of Ron’s fist.

We start off slow. The twins are separated! Brittany leaves without Erica who’s sleeping in Vinny’s bed and doesn’t want to get up yet, telling Mike she’s an "an individual."

Vinny has a little talk with Ronnie and Pauly, mad that Deena took Erica right out of his bed, and points out that they didn’t "tag team" it was more of a"tag rob."  I disagree with this, Vinny, since Deena was the one that brought Erica home in the first place (although she did pull a robbery on Mike), and even though Erica climbed into Vinny’s bed while Deena was in the kitchen, Deena claimed her back…before giving her back to Vinny. So I’m not really sure who robbed who, but it’s not right to put all this blame on Deena. Read More...



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