'Jersey Shore': Sammi and Ronnie are over. So what else is new?


"Jersey Shore" again found its dramatic center on Thursday (Aug. 25) when the focus returned to starcrossed lovers Ronnie and Sammi. We knew their tender reunion wouldn't last, we just didn't think it would be over this quick.This time, though, the couple's combat-fed passion created some collateral damage in the form of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, who was unwittingly drawn in to their latest tangle.It was just a week ago in TV time (so we're guessing less than 24 hours on the ground in Florence) that Ron and Sam had a heart to heart, re-declared their love for each other and got back together, each extolling the maturity and changes in the other wrought by five months apart.And, indeed, it was impressive when Ronnie struck out on his own to buy Sam some trashy dresses and a big belt. He's never done that before. What, we thought as we watched, could ever keep these two...



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