Big Brother 13: Double The Karma, Double The Salty Feelings

Tonight's Big Brother was brought to you by Morton's Salt, because the house produced a decent amount of it to fill a silo.

Last night's episode had me wanting to throw the towel in, but not because of Jeff's back step on his and Daniele's deal, which he ignored by putting her on the block in place of Porsche. The event that had me up in arms was something that occurred behind the scenes in production that strangely no one has brought up. Tonight's Live Double Eviction episode made up for that debacle, but I still haven't forgotten about the little birds in production whispering words of "encouragement" in the ears of select House Guests. Moving on...

So instead of giving you a blow-by-blow play of the events from tonight (if you missed it, watch the show later. It's that good), I'm just going to recap the events that happened after the Veto Ceremony and then fly by the night's events.

First, Julie Chen welcomed us by relaying the events that took place most of this week. Daniele was of course pissed about Jeff's double-cross move and knew that she would have to fight her ass off to stay in the house. The chips started to fall in her place after a chance conversation with Shelly, which was about everyone basically being dumb to think that Jeff and Jordan would take one of them to the final two, because why would they want to do that? Shelly, finally realizing that she has to play for herself and not Jeff and Jordan, jumped to the challenge of getting Daniele the votes to stay. She tried Adam, who was a lost cause and still thinking he knows everything cause he's a Big Brother fan, but not grasping the fact that he will not hold his own against both Jeff and Jordan in the final three. Read More...


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